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SGR Milk Cleaner

Professional non foaming degreaser

SGR Milk Cleaner is a professional, non-foaming degreaser which is used to clean milk- and cream-incrustations from cappucinatores, milk frothers and cream whipping machines.

As a result of its chemical composition SGR eliminates bad smells and acts antibacterial.


The product is to be used in a dilution ratio of 25ml to 500 ml of cold water. Easy dosing with measurement markings on the dosing bottle.

- For fully automatic systems, let the diluted liquid run through the milk system instead of milk. Rinse thoroughly with water.
- For portafilter machines, immerse the steam nozzle in the liquid, open and close the steam valve 6/8 times. This allows the liquid to penetrate the interior of the nozzle, removing stubborn milk residues. Then repeat the same process with clean water. In particularly stubborn cases, the product can also be used undiluted.

Safety Instructions
In concentrated form, it irritates the skin and eyes. Keep out of reach of children. If it comes into contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water and consult a doctor. If there is direct contact with the skin, wash thoroughly with water. Do not drink! In case of improper use, consult a doctor immediately.

Macro category: Gastronomy
Category: Degreaser
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