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All-purpose Antibacterial Degreaser

Germicidal disinfectant

BAK is an antibacterial degreaser, which does not need to be rinsed with water afterwards, used for all surfaces, especially in the food- and gastronomy-sector (slicing machines, kitchen-workstations, refrigerators etc.). BAK is effective against germs, bacteria and fungi and ensures perfect hygiene as well as a long-lasting dust repellent surfaces.

Healthwise harmless: The degreaser does not contain any toxic substances, does not produce any harmful fumes, and can be used indoors. Even though the cleaning agent has deep-acting properties. It does not attack the to be cleaned surface. Due to the biodegradability of its components, it is environmentally friendly and safe to use. As a result of its composition, which treats surfaces gentle but thorough, it can be applied universally in the household.

Other fields of application: floors, walls, refrigerators, in fitness areas for mats and equipment, in schools, hospitals and the likes.


Spray the surface to be degreased and let it sit for at least 30 seconds/1 minute (this time is necessary for antibacterial effectiveness), then clean with a dry cloth, do not rinse.

Safety Instructions
May irritate eyes, rinse thoroughly with water immediately upon direct contact.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not drink!!!
In case of improper use, consult a doctor immediately.

Macro category: Gastronomy
Category: Degreaser
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